Stem Cell Society Singapore Singapore
Stem Cell Society Singapore

Stem Cell Society Singapore

The Stem Cell Society, Singapore (SCSS) was registered in January 2008. SCSS is a non-profit organization which seeks to serve the community with a threefold objective; (i) to bring together researchers, clinicians, health professionals, and companies interested in stem cells, (ii) to provide information to lay persons about stem cells and (iii) to provide a focus for all issues connected with stem cells.

To achieve these objectives;

  • SCSS will run regular monthly meetings on academic/clinical, and technical aspects of stem cell research. These monthly meetings will comprise of talks followed by a networking session.

  • SCSS will hold an annual Stem Cell Conference covering a wide range of stem cell related topics including; research, clinical, ethical and legal.

  • SCSS will also run an outreach programme to educate the public about stem cells


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